We offer liquid and solid chemical water treatment options designed to make water intensive systems run more efficiently and decrease the need for maintenance. The primary challenge of the water treatment program is to maintain a clean heat transfer surface. Aquaphase programs protect against corrosion, scaling, deposition, and biological fouling to ensure that your equipment operates continuously with minimal downtime. Both liquid and solid treatments protect against scale and deposit formation, defend mild steel, copper and other yellow metals from corrosion, and mitigate the proliferation of biological organisms.

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Liquid Treatments

Since water systems are susceptible to scale, deposits, corrosion, and biofouling, it’s critical to invest in a quality water treatment program. Without proper chemical treatment and routine service visits by experienced water technicians, your water system may not be adequately protected which can decrease energy efficiency and increases operational and maintenance costs.

Liquid blends have been used successfully for many years and are proven to keep water systems clean and functional. They are a time-tested solution for treating water systems.

Regular service visits are necessary for every water system; it is our goal to provide you with a reliable maintenance program that keeps your water system efficient, functional and working for you!

Solid Treatments

Our sustainable solid treatment options ensure a safe workplace environment and environmental friendliness. At Aquaphase, we employ advanced solid chemical treatment solutions that reduce risk to operators and the environment. A professionally applied solid water treatment program by Aquaphase will:

  • Decrease the likelihood of chemical spills or accidents
  • Offer a safe alternative to liquid chemicals
  • Reduce costs associated with storage and shipment

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