We are a proud member of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), which is the largest trade organization of water treatment specialists who are dedicated to the highest standards of performance in the water treatment industry.

Association of Water Technologies

AWT has a certification program for water treatment professionals. The Certified Water Technologist (CWT) program represents the highest professional credentials in the water treatment field. The CWT designation assures that water professionals possess a core body of knowledge and have extensive professional experience in all aspects of water treatment. All CWTs also sign and abide by a strict code of ethics.

We are very pleased that two of our field representatives have obtained the CWT designation.

Jason Gray became a CWT in April 2005. Jason has 21 years of field experience and is the General Manager for Aquaphase.

Certified Water Technologist (CWT)

Matthew Zastrow became a CWT in 2008. Matthew has 27 years of field experience and is the District Manager for the East Tennessee/Kentucky territory.

Pesticide Certification


The state of Tennessee requires that all companies that provide or offer for sale any custom pesticide application must have a pest control charter. Maintaining a charter also requires that there be at least one licensee in each category of service offered. All custom pesticide applicators must also have a commercial certification in their field of use.

Aquaphase’s Pest Control Charter number for the State of TN is 4230.

Jim Gray and Melissa Davis each currently hold a license in the special category which is the category for water treatment microbial treatments. All of our field representatives currently hold a commercial certification in microbial pest control.


The state of Kentucky requires that all businesses that engage in the redistribution or resale of restricted use pesticides register with the state as a Pesticide Dealer. The state of Kentucky also requires that there be at least one licensed Pesticide Operator for the registered Pesticide Dealer. All applicators for the Dealer must also have a license in their field of use.

Aquaphase is registered with the state of Kentucky as a Pesticide Dealer and Jim Gray is the licensed Pesticide Operator. All of our field representatives currently hold an Applicator license in Category 15, antimicrobial pest control.


The state of Indiana requires any firm that applies or offers to apply pesticide for hire have a Pesticide Business License and that individuals who apply pesticides have met minimum competency standards, and apply those pesticides without causing harm to people or property.

Aquaphase’s Commercial Pesticide Business License Number is 235496 and is valid in category 13, Water Treatment Biocides.

Luke Zastrow, our Southern Indiana Service Representative is a fully certified pesticide applicator in the state of IN.